Global Politics Extended Essay Topics

Global politics extended essay topics involve discussing important international issues and how they may affect the world. Global politics is a broad term used to cover international relations, foreign policy and global events. The topics in this area of study involve examining the actions of governments and their relationship with countries from all over the world. Global politics extended essay topics are an important part of understanding the international landscape and current events.

Writing an extended essay about global politics can be challenging, but it is also a great opportunity to learn more about the subject and develop your critical thinking. By researching and analyzing a specific topic, you can gain insights into the ways governments interact with each other and the implications of their policies for the international community. You will also gain a better understanding of the complex issues facing the world today and the various solutions to them.

This guide provides an overview of global politics and the importance of understanding these topics when writing an extended essay. It covers the key concepts, examines the most pressing global conflicts, and evaluates the possible outcomes of these conflicts. It also examines different theories of global politics and explores how they shape the structure of global political systems. Finally, this guide offers practical tips on how to approach your extended essay, and provides recommendations on topics you might want to explore.

Global Politics Extended Essay Topics

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  1. The impact of globalization on state sovereignty.
  2. An analysis of the role of the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security.
  3. The relationship between economic development and democratization in emerging economies.
  4. A comparative study of the foreign policies of two major powers, such as the United States and China.
  5. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in achieving justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
  6. The impact of climate change on global politics and the role of international cooperation in addressing it.
  7. A study of the causes and consequences of civil wars in sub-Saharan Africa.
  8. The challenges and opportunities of refugee resettlement and integration in developed countries.
  9. An analysis of the effectiveness of economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy.
  10. The role of international organizations in promoting human rights and combating discrimination.
  11. A comparative study of two regional integration organizations, such as the European Union and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
  12. The impact of the digital revolution on political communication and its consequences for democracy.
  13. The impact of populism on democratic institutions and processes.
  14. An analysis of the role of international law in resolving disputes between states.
  15. The relationship between globalization and income inequality.
  16. The role of women in promoting peace and security in conflict-affected areas.
  17. A study of the causes and consequences of the Arab Spring.
  18. An analysis of the impact of social media on political participation and its consequences for democracy.
  19. The role of non-state actors in international relations, such as multinational corporations and civil society organizations.
  20. A comparative study of the foreign policies of two small states, such as Singapore and Iceland, and their effectiveness in achieving their strategic objectives.

Global Politics in the 21st Century

Since entering the twenty-first century, the world has seen a major shift in the way global politics works. We’ve seen the rise of new economic powers like China and India, political movements such as the Arab Spring, growing public unrest against systemic corruption and inequality, and the effects of climate change on international relations.

These changes have had immense implications for world politics. In particular, the rise of non-Western political powers has brought about a new era of international cooperation and competition. National boundaries have become more fluid, with increased migration across borders, and the emergence of new technologies has led to a faster-paced international system.

For extended essay writers, these changes are particularly significant. They open up new opportunities for research and analysis, providing new perspectives on existing theories and shedding light on aspects of global politics that might not have been considered before. For example, researchers may examine how technological advancements have impacted the way countries interact, or analyze the implications of new economic relations between nations.

Global politics in the twenty-first century is a rapidly changing field, but with careful research and analysis, it can be full of exciting topics for extended essay writing. By exploring the current trends and changes, students can gain a deeper understanding of global politics and develop the skills they need to create meaningful and insightful extended essays.

Analyzing Global Political Structures

Understanding how global political structures work is an important part of writing a successful extended essay. Different theories can shape how the global political landscape is formed and it’s crucial to be aware of them.

Theories of Global Politics

There are several theories of global politics that help us understand the structure of global political systems. These theories can come from different disciplines such as international relations, history, and sociology. Common theories include realist theory, which looks at power relationships between states; constructivist theory, which views political behavior as shaped by social and cultural values; and liberal theory, which emphasizes the role of domestic and international institutions in promoting peace and cooperation.

Understanding the Relevance

Knowing how these theories shape the global political system and understanding their relevance to extended essay topics is key. For example, realist theory may be used to analyze how powerful states interact in an international arena, while constructivist theory can be used to examine how social and cultural values influence political behavior. Understanding how these theories relate to extended essay topics can give your essay a more comprehensive view.


In conclusion, it is essential to understand the various theories of global politics and how they shape the structure of global political systems. Being aware of their relevance to extended essay topics can help you create an insightful and comprehensive essay.

Examining Global Political Movements

When writing a global politics extended essay, it is important to examine global political movements. These movements can be seen throughout history and have had profound effects on our world today. Knowing about them can help you understand current global politics and write better essays.

The first approach to examining these movements is to look at their historical origins. By understanding the origin of political movements, you can gain insight into their motivations, intent and philosophy. This can be especially useful when trying to analyze and evaluate current events.

Another approach is to observe how particular movements have impacted the global political landscape in the past. By looking at the impact that a movement has had historically, you can gain insight into how such movements might affect global politics in the future. This can be helpful in both formulating your own opinions and making well-informed arguments in your extended essay.

You can also examine global political movements by studying their impact on specific countries or regions. Analyzing the causes and effects of a movement can help you develop a more nuanced understanding of current political issues and come to a better conclusion in your extended essay.

Examining global political movements can be a great way to gain insight into current events and understand the underlying motivations behind them. By studying the historical origins, consequences, and impacts of various political movements you can make well-informed arguments in your extended essay.

Overview of Current Global Conflicts

In today’s world, there are many conflicts that have a global reach and have wide ranging impacts in terms of politics and economics. These conflicts can range from civil wars to political and economic disputes between nations. It is important to understand these conflicts in order to understand the global political landscape and be able to write extended essays on topics related to global politics.

Some of the most prominent and pressing global conflicts currently include the war in Syria, the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the battle for control of the South China Sea, and the Russia-Ukraine crisis. All of these conflicts have been ongoing for some time and have resulted in countless deaths and displacement of millions of people.

Each of these conflicts have unique characteristics and have been difficult to resolve due to the complexity of the issues involved. All of these conflicts have potential implications for the global political system, and understanding their underlying causes and possible resolutions can help in writing extended essays related to global politics.

Exploring Resolutions for Current Global Conflicts

When exploring possible solutions for global conflicts, it is important to recognize that no resolution is going to be easy or quick. It requires patient diplomacy, negotiation and dialogue between all sides involved. The best solutions usually involve compromise and negotiation, such as in the case of the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine.

There are also international organizations such as the United Nations and other regional entities, like the European Union, that try to facilitate negotiations and provide mediation to help resolve global conflicts. They also offer humanitarian aid and support to victims of these conflicts.

Ultimately, it is important to remember that global conflicts often have very complex root causes, and that no single solution exists. However, understanding them and being able to see them from different perspectives can be helpful in writing an extended essay on global politics.

Possible Outcomes of the Global Political Scenario

The current global political scenario is complex and ever-evolving. It is a dynamic situation that affects all world actors, both small and large. As such, it is important to be aware of the potential outcomes of the current global political scene. An understanding of these implications can be useful when writing a global politics extended essay.

The global political landscape is highly unpredictable and can change quickly. Events such as wars, economic downturns, and international agreements, can all shape the global political environment in unexpected ways. As such, it is important to assess how these events will affect the future of the global political system. This can provide insight into potential implications for extended essay writing.

In addition to assessing the direct effects of current global events, it is also essential to consider the broader implications of global politics. For example, social and political movements such as feminism and climate change activism can have a significant impact on global politics in the long term. In this regard, it is important to be aware of the implications of such movements for extended essay writing.

Finally, it is also important to keep in mind the wider implications of a global political system. For example, multinational organizations and international corporations can play an important role in shaping the global political landscape. Understanding the role of these actors and their potential implications for extended essay writing is important in order to gain a comprehensive view of global politics.

In conclusion, the global political scenario is an ever-changing and unpredictable affair. As such, it is important to be aware of the potential implications of this dynamic environment for extended essay writing. An understanding of global events, social and political movements, and the role of multinational organizations can all help inform extended essay writing.


After discussing the different facets of Global Politics Extended Essay topics, it can be concluded that they are an important area of study in today’s world. Understanding the global political atmosphere, its history and its implications is essential for writing a good and complete extended essay. Moreover, it is important to understand the various approaches to analyzing global political movements, and their impacts on society.

It is also necessary to be aware of current global conflicts and their possible resolutions. This allows students to evaluate the current global political scenario and form their own opinions before they start writing their extended essay. Lastly, keeping all of these points in mind will help students write an effective Global Politics Extended Essay.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that Global Politics Extended Essay topics are not just about answering a few questions. It is about challenging one’s understanding of the global political system and advocating for change. By researching thoroughly, engaging in discussion with relevant stakeholders, and forming their own opinion, students can make a meaningful contribution to the global political discourse.

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