What Is the Difference Between MYP Personal Projects and DP Extended Essays?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program exposes students to unique and challenging projects. Key among these are the MYP Personal Project and the DP Extended Essay. In my extensive experience with the IB, understanding the nuances between these two projects clarifies their purpose and improves your strategic planning for them. As an IB tutor, I’m here to guide you through these differences and ensure you make the most informed choices in your academic pursuits.

What Is MYP Personal Project?

Understanding the MYP Personal Project begins with its core purpose: to foster personal expression and creativity. This distinctive project, usually undertaken in the final year of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), grants you the liberty to immerse yourself in a subject that fascinates you.

Unlike typical academic assignments, the MYP Personal Project is a unique opportunity to display your passions and apply and expand upon the skills you’ve developed throughout your earlier schooling. From my extensive experience guiding students, those who choose topics that resonate deeply with their interests often find this task especially rewarding and enlightening.

Structurally, the project spans several months, a period during which you meticulously plan, research, and execute your chosen task under the guidance of a supervisor. It challenges your ability to maintain focus and see a long-term project through to completion. The process is as important as the product, emphasizing developing skills such as time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Furthermore, the final product of the MYP Personal Project can be anything from a research paper or an art installation to a business plan or a community service project. This variety gives you the flexibility to make your mark in a way that reflects your interests and strengths. In my opinion, this is where the MYP Personal Project truly shines β€” it allows you to take ownership of your learning and produce something uniquely personal and potentially impactful.

Moreover, the project is an excellent primer for the more rigorous demands of the Diploma Programme, particularly the DP Extended Essay. It encourages you to engage with the kind of self-directed, in-depth inquiry crucial for success in higher education and beyond. By the end of the MYP Personal Project, you will have a tangible product showcasing your interests and skills and a deeper understanding of managing a complex project from conception through completion.

Overview of IB DP Extended Essay

We are moving from personal research to rigorous academic inquiry when discussing the DP Extended Essay. This task is a fundamental component of the Diploma Program (DP), designed to prepare you for the rigors of university-level research. The Extended Essay challenges you to conduct extensive research, develop a coherent argument, and deeply engage with a subject of your choice from the DP curriculum. This is where you demonstrate your scholarly abilities by synthesizing and presenting information in an academically acceptable format.

The structure of the DP Extended Essay is notably stringent, with a requirement of 4,000 words. This constraint compels you to practice conciseness and precision in your writing β€” a skill highly valued in higher education and future careers. The project not only demands a high level of academic discipline but also fosters critical thinking, as you will be guided by a supervisor whose role is to challenge your ideas and encourage you to push your intellectual boundaries. The main components of the DP Extended Essay include:

  • Choice of Topic. The topic must fit within one of the six approved Diploma Programme subject groups, ensuring it aligns with existing academic disciplines.
  • Research Question. Formulating a focused research question is critical as it guides the entire investigation and essay’s structure.
  • Research Methodology. Appropriate methods for gathering and analyzing data ensure the reliability and validity of the essay’s argument.
  • Supervision. Regular meetings with a supervisor help refine your ideas, provide academic guidance, and keep you on track toward completion.
  • Analysis and Discussion. The essay’s body should develop a coherent argument supported by evidence. This part is the essay’s core, where detailed analysis is essential.
  • Conclusion. The conclusion must briefly summarize the research and offer insights into the significance of the findings with the research question.

Moreover, the Extended Essay requires you to adhere to a set of formal presentation guidelines, which include the proper structuring of the essay, adherence to citation and referencing standards, and the text’s overall readability. This structured approach helps organize your research effectively and trains you in the academic discipline required for scholarly writing.

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Differences Between MYP Personal Project and DP Extended Essay

The MYP Personal Project and the DP Extended Essay stand out as cornerstones of their respective programs, each designed to hone different skills and developmental aspects. As a seasoned IB writer and mentor, I’ve guided countless students through both projects, and I’d like to share some insights into their differences.

Scope and Focus

In my experience, the most notable distinction lies in the scope and focus of the projects. The MYP Personal Project is a self-directed path that allows students to express their interests creatively. This project often reflects the student’s passions and can vary widely in nature, from scientific investigations to artistic expressions. On the other hand, the DP Extended Essay is a more formal academic research paper that requires a specific, analytical approach focused on a chosen subject within the IB curriculum.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

From what I know, these projects’ objectives and intended learning outcomes also differ significantly. The MYP Personal Project aims to develop the student’s self-management, research, and communication skills through personal inquiry. It is as much about the process as it is about the product. Conversely, the DP Extended Essay is designed to prepare students for university-level research, emphasizing in-depth study and formal writing skills. The outcome is heavily focused on demonstrating scholarly research capabilities following IB criteria.

Assessment Criteria

According to general IB criteria, the assessment for these projects reflects their differing goals. The MYP Personal Project is assessed on criteria emphasizing the student’s process and personal engagement, including the project’s originality and the reflection on their learning path. Meanwhile, the DP Extended Essay is evaluated through a more rigid set of academic criteria that measure the essay’s argument, coherence, structure, and depth of research.

Supervision and Guidance

From my experience, the nature of supervision in both projects also varies. MYP Personal Projects are typically supervised by a teacher who acts more as a guide, helping students reflect on their learning process and offering advice to keep them on track without directly interfering in their project planning and execution. In contrast, the DP Extended Essay supervisor plays a critical role in shaping the research question and structure of the essay, often providing more direct guidance and academic support.

Student Perspectives on MYP and DP Projects

Reflecting on student perspectives on MYP and DP projects, many students describe these projects as daunting yet ultimately rewarding. Common challenges they face include managing time effectively, selecting a feasible topic, and accessing the necessary resources. However, from my extensive experience mentoring IB students, the key to overcoming these obstacles lies in early planning and regular consultation with your supervisor.

Indeed, overcoming these obstacles teaches vital skills such as strategic planning, efficient time management, and discipline. These talents are more than simply academic; they are critical life skills that prepare students for the difficulties of college and a career:

  • Time Management. Balancing the project with other academic responsibilities and personal commitments can be overwhelming.
  • Topic Selection. Choosing a topic that is both interesting and feasible, with accessible resources, poses a significant challenge.
  • Resource Accessibility. Finding reliable primary and secondary sources can be difficult, especially for obscure topics.
  • Motivation. Sustaining enthusiasm and focus over the extended period required to complete these projects.
  • Technical Skills. Developing the specific skills needed to execute the project, such as research methodology or technical writing.

Despite these challenges, students often report that completing these projects provides immense satisfaction. Completing either the MYP Personal Project or the DP Extended Essay is not just about fulfilling an academic requirement; it’s a significant milestone in personal and intellectual growth.

Moreover, the skills acquired through these projects are invaluable in further studies and future career paths. These include advanced research techniques, critical thinking, problem-solving, avoiding plagiarism in writing, and effectively communicating complex ideas. Students also learn the importance of resilience and adaptability, as they often have to change the direction of their projects based on research findings or supervisor feedback.

So, while the MYP Personal Project and the DP Extended Essay present significant challenges, they are profoundly beneficial.


While the MYP Personal Project and the DP Extended Essay are integral parts of the IB curriculum designed to develop essential academic and life skills, they serve different educational purposes.

The MYP Personal Project encourages personal growth and creativity, while the DP Extended Essay develops advanced research and writing abilities. Both projects uniquely prepare IB students for future academic and professional achievement. Take advantage of these possibilities to broaden your knowledge and abilities. Also, our IB experts at BuyExtendedEssay.com are always ready to help you.

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